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R.B. (Rae) Fleming


(Lindsay: John Deyell), 1975. Paper, 304 Pages, $49.95

Eldon ConnectionsWhen R B Fleming’s pictorial history of Eldon Township, Victoria County (now City of Kawartha Lakes), Ontario, Canada, was published in 1975, it quickly became a local best seller in the township that until then had not much thought about its own history. Using photographs that date to the mid-19th century, as well as documents from the Ontario Archives, family stories and old maps, Fleming has reconstructed the lives of the pioneers of Eldon Township, as well as the atmosphere of the early township. The book is an important document for genealogists today, especially those who can trace their roots back to this little township. Today, several generations removed from the Eldon pioneers, descendants return to the township, Eldon Connections in hand, to search for distant cousins, as well as for the piece of land, the remains of a log building and perhaps a stone fence that bear testament to their hard working ancestors.

Since 1975, the book has sold almost 3,000 copies across Canada and the United States, and there are even copies of the book in countries such as Scotland, England, Switzerland and Australia.

The book is now rare, and the author has only a few copies for sale.


“A labour of love. I heartily recommend to you Eldon Connections (Alex Gilmour, CKLY Lindsay ON, Sept 1975).

“Simply beautiful... from the preface to the magnificent character studies in photographs, to the text that reads with quiet amusement and interest.” (Nora Baird, letter, 19 Sept 1975).

“Splendid reproductions, printed on glossy paper, of early portaits of the pioneers.” (John Warkentin, Books in Canada, Aug 1976).

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